Farewell David Wilkerson

I was saddened by the recent new of the passing of David Wilkerson, in a tragic car accident.  Wilkerson, the founding pastor of Times Square Church, began Teen Challenge a few decades ago, and penned the bestseller, The Cross and The Switchblade.

A modern day prophet, he has deeply challenged me over the years, through his prophetic writing and preaching. 

Before my prayer partner, Judy, died, she often sent articles he had written -- and each one exploded like a grenade in my soul.  I have been deeply moved by his convicting words on countless occasions.

Sometimes, I thought he was an alarmist -- a bit over the top.  But mostly, he was right on target, speaking bold truths that our nation and the American church desperately needed to hear.

The following sermon on anguish, is, perhaps his most gripping. messages on Anguish:

The world needs more men like David Wilkerson, who stand as watchmen on the wall for our nation.


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