Let Us Be Kind

Let us be kind!
The way is long and lonely.
And human hearts are asking for this blessing only,
That we be kind.
We cannot know the grief that men may borrow,
We cannot see the soul's storms, swept by sorrow,
But love can shine upon the way today, tomorrow --
Let us be kind!

Let us be kind!
Around the world, the tears of time are falling,
And for the loved and lost these human hearts are calling --
Let us be kind!
To age and youth let gracious words be spoken;
Upon the wheel of pain so many weary lives are broken.
We live in vain, who give no tender token --
Let us be kind!

Let us be kind!
The sunset tints will soon be in the west;
Too late the flowers are laid on the quiet breast --
Let us be kind!
And when the angel guides have sought and found us,
Their hands shall link the broken ties of earth that bound us,
And Heaven and Home shall brighten all around us --
Let us be kind!
-- Herald of His Coming  (I found this beautiful poem in an old issue of The Wesleyan Methodist (Aug. 24, 1950), given to me by Lois Drown.


Larissa said…

Kindness is something that can be done at little cost to ourselves.

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