Not the Splash, but the Ripples

It was a great privilege to attend my son Ryan's graduation ceremonies at Indiana Wesleyan University this past weekend.

The commencement was magnificent.  The baccalaureate was inspiring (my dear friend, Luis Martinez was the speaker -- and I had the honor of praying with him before the service.)  The highlight for me, however, was the consecration service for the ministerial students which was held on Friday afternoon.

It was a smaller, more intimate setting, with the religion students and faculty.

Dr. Bud Bence, who is retiring after a distinguished academic career, gave a delivered a powerful message.  He spoke about how kids like to toss rocks into lakes, for the big splash.  Yet, long after the splash is gone, the ripples continue.  And ministry is like that.  For effective long term ministry, it's better to focus on the ripples rather than the splash.


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