A Pleasant Surprise

Yesterday, I received an unexpected letter in the mail from Marshall Shelley, editor of Leadership Journal, informing me that the Evangelical Press Association had awarded my article, "Big Fish & Small Towns" Third Place in their Humorous Category for the year 2010.

Ironically, when I first submitted it, they sent me a rejection letter -- as it wasn't the type of article they normally print.  Then, I was surprised when they changed their minds and printed it.

I'm planning to strike while the iron is hot and submit something else!  So, be nice to me in the next couple of weeks -- or I'll be tempted to write something funny about you.


UnicycleRider said…
Congratulations, Mark!

I just reread the "Big Fish & Small Towns" article.

Definitely a lot that I can relate to being a pastor in a small town.

Thanks for investing in others in ministry through your writing! I really appreciate your blogging here. Looking forward to reading your book when it published.

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