Will The World End Next Saturday?

89 year old radio evangelist, Harold Camping, is declaring that Christ is going to return on May 21, 2011.  I'm pretty sure It's NOT going to happen then.  Sorry Harold.

Jesus said, "No one knows about the day or hour" (Mark 13:32).

Maybe God was planning on that day but then Harold messed it up!

However -- none of us know which day will be our last.  We should live every day in light of eternity.  What would you differently this week, if you knew your last day was next Saturday?


Anonymous said…
Wow, what would I do if next Saturday was the day the World would end, that's tough, what would I do if a Dr. told me I was going to die in 24 hours, people have probably experienced unfortunately the last thing,it's easy to say things oh, go spend all my money, go on a fancy vacation, something big, actually I'd spend sometime closer to God, praying for others, thanking Him for the time I had on earth and the people I've met, and the fact that my folks raised me to be Christian and so when I walked away from the church for a period, I new exactly one day what I was missing and found my own home church and said " I will live my life faithfully" I'm returning to the one who is always with me God. I would rest in peace that God has it planned for us our life after our life on earth, and what I've learned and heard it's beautiful.

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