The Banderdinker, a kayak and canoe event, was held this morning on Nelson Lake.  Over 150 enthusiastic people paddled around Big Island and over 100 eager volunteers served with gusto -- including the Boy Scouts.

Special thanks to Backroads Coffee, who served as the major corporate sponsor, Northwoods Strings who provided fiddle music for the day, and Pam Ruetten, who provided inspiring leadership for the event, and loaned me her personal kayak.

Funds raised from this special event will go towards Hayward Wesleyan Church benevolence fund, Northwoods Strings, and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Everyone involved had a great time -- and it was a smashing success all the way around.  I heard that someone from Georgia is so inspired by the idea, that they are launching a Banderdinker of the South in March of 2012.


Keetha Broyles said…
Oh goodness - - - yet ANOTHER Hayward event we "NEED" to take in!

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