Flowing in Holy Love

Here is the sum of the perfect law; this is the true circumcision of the heart.  Let the spirit return to God that gave it, with the whole train of it's affections.

"Unto the place from whence all the rivers came," thither let them flow again.  Other sacrifices from us he would not not; but the living sacrifice of the heart he hath chosen. 

Let it be continually offered up to God through Christ, in flames of holy love.

"Desire not to live, but to praise his name:  Let all your thoughts, words and works tend to his glory.  Set your heart firm on him, an don other things only as they are in and from him.  Let your soul be filled with so entire a love of him, that you may love nothing but for his sake."

"Have a pure intention of heart, a steadfast regard to his glory in all your actions."

"Fix your eyes upon the blessed hope of your calling, and make all the things of the world minister unto it."
--  John Wesley, "Circumcision of the Heart"


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