Lessons from a Long Term Pastorate

As Chuck Swindoll departed from Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton to become the President of Dallas Theological Seminary, he shared the following reflections with his congregation in a letter:

While going through the final month of pastoral ministry in Fullerton, I decided to include in my journal several of the things I had learned since coming to the church back in the summer of 1971. It occurred to me that you might benefit from knowing what those things are. . .so let me list them for you. I have learned that. . .
  • I should tell people how I feel about them now, not later.
  • things I'm not even aware of are noticed and remembered.
  • being real is a lot better than looking pious.
  • when you "fit" most things flow; they don't need to be forced.
  • it doesn't pay to talk someone into or out of a big decision.
  • days of maintenance are far more in number than days of magnificance.
  • some people aren't going to change, no matter what.
  • time spent with my family is a good investment.
  • grace is worth the risk.
  • thinking theologically pays off, big time.
  • you can't beat fun.
  • perception overshadows reality.


Steve Gerich said…
Thinking theologically....that is a good one.

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