Remembering Ron Carlson

Yesterday, I was saddened to hear that my friend, Ron Carlson, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Ron, founder of Christian Ministries International, was a noted author and speaker, who travelled the globe for the cause of Christ.  He was a great champion of Christian apologetics, and biblical world view.

When he had a break in his demanding schedule, Ron and his wife, Marge, would come up to their cabin in Hayward -- and a few times each year, they attended Hayward Wesleyan Church.

Ron was always a real encouragement to me.  I know he could preach circles around me -- but every time, after hearing me speak, he would come up to bless me, telling how the message had ministered to his soul that day.  Ron was always affirming -- always lifting -- always positive and respectful.  Every time, I walked away from my "Ron Encounters" with extra confidence and enthusiasm.  He always made me feel valued.  In fact, Ron had graciously agreed to write an endorsement for my book, which will be published in a few months.  So, rather than containing his endorsement, the book will contain an acknowledgment in his memory.

On several occasions, after church, Ron slipped a $50 bill into my hand, and said, "Here, take your family to lunch."  He ignored my protests, and my kids were certainly thankful!


Jason Carlson said…
Thanks for your tribute to my dad, Mark. I've never had the privilege of visiting you at Hayward Wesleyan, but my dad always spoke very highly of you and your gifts as a pastor. Thank you for your friendship to our family and your support during this difficult time. God is good and faithful and we're trusting Him throughout all of this. I hope we get a chance to meet in person sometime soon. Blessings on you, Jason Carlson (Ron's son)

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