Friday Ramblings

Our board meeting went late last night -- but we accomplished a lot.  I am grateful to have such a strong group of committed spiritual leaders, who care deeply about Hayward Wesleyan Church and our mission to the world.

Vacation Bible School ends tonight.  Michael Drown (of Mercy Ships) and I are in charge of the penny offering -- a huge contest between the boys and the girls -- with all the proceeds going to help little children receive needed medical procedures.  The enthusiasm is off the charts.  Kids come running to the front with fistfulls of pennies -- gleefully throwing them into the buckets.  I wish the grown ups had that much enthusiasm for the Sunday morning offering!

Speaking of medical procedures -- I had a small one on my back a couple of days ago.  Someone has said the difference between a minor operation and a major one is that a minor is what happens to someone else -- and a major one is what happens to you!  Although my little operation was not a big deal, it felt pretty major to me!

I'm moving slower than normal -- but that's ok.  My pace had been too fast and my soul needed to catch up with me.

We have missionaries from Belgium,  Phil and Becky Davis, joining us in Hayward this weekend, along with their two sons.  He is working on his PhD, focusing on postmodernism -- and will talk about disciplemaking in that context.  Fascinating!

I head to Ohio in a few days, to speak at the Greater Ohio District Gathering -- my old home stomping ground.  I look forward to it, but not without trepidation -- as a prophet is without honor in his own country.


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