Know Any Good Jokes?

I found the following excerpt from Robert Fulghum's What on Earth Have I Done? delightful:

"Know any good jokes?"

Usually a reasonable question at an all-male convivial social occasion.


To ask a bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church at Sunday lunch at his own table is risky.  His Emminence, tge Dispotis of Chania, slowly turned his pale, white bearded face to me, gave me his Blessed-Are-The-Meek look, smiled thinly, and went back to dissecting the small broiled fish on his fine china plate.


No, I guess he doesn't know any good jokes.  And that's funny.

Here is a man sitting at host at a fine Sunday feed, dressed in a long black dress, with glitzy gold jewelry around his neck, and on his head a stovepipe with a lid on it.

I don't mean to be disrespectful, but I would think you'd have to have a sense of humor to dress like that at luch.  But he doesn't know any good jokes.  Yet, he's so close to a good laugh.  All he needs is a red rubber nose on his schnoz and a mirror.


A Wittwer said…
Oh Mark!!!!!
Speaking of insanity. Here is this guy being all serious, sober and goddy and you come along and mess with his bubble. Yikes.

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