Monday, October 17, 2011

28 Relationship Mistakes People Make

  1. Loving opinions more than people.
  2.  Imputing negative motives onto others
  3. Believing that love means never having to say, "I'm sorry".
  4. Thinking that love is a feeling rather than a commitment.
  5. Failing to let go of hurts and resentments.
  6. Not listening.
  7. Not speaking up when you should.
  8. Taking others for granted.
  9. Rehashing old offenses.
  10.  Being dishonest.
  11.  Being insensitive.
  12. Closing down the heart to avoid hurt (it keeps love out too).
  13.  Forgetting to express appreciation and gratitude.
  14. Believing you are better than others.
  15. Believing others are better than you.
  16.  Comparing yourself to others.
  17.  Competing with others.
  18. Emphasizing flaws and shortcomings (faults are thick where love is thin.)
  19. Being petty.
  20. Refusing to take personal responsibility.
  21. Manipulating.
  22. Controlling.
  23. Focusing on what you don’t have, rather than what you have.
  24. Expecting perfection.
  25. Waiting for someone else to read your mind.
  26. Griping about people behind their back (gossiping, badmouthing, criticizing).
  27. Quitting when things get tough.
  28. Forgetting that all true love comes from God (not from yourself).

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