The God Pocket

The God Pocket, by Bruce Wilkinson, is a powerful little book which challenges the reader to practive faith by putting it into action!  In this follow up to his earlier book, You Were Meant for This, Wilkinson gives simple, step by step instructions on how to look for opportunities to bless people.

He advocates setting a sum of money aside, devoting it to the Lord as a "God Pocket."  The money, then, is no longer yours but God's and is to be given away as He directs.

This direction happens through a gentle nudge of the Spirit -- and brings blessing to those who desperately need it.

The God Pocket is packed with heart-warming and inspiring stories of special encounters using this approach. 

I have tried it myself -- and it works!  It's a beautiful way to let God's love flow through you!

He owns it!
You carry it!
Suddenly, everything changes!

(A complimentary copy of the book was provided to me for review by the publisher.)


Dave Quinn said…
Great idea. Going to do that myself.
Visit for more God Pocket Partner Stories, Music and Ministry! Our church in Lexington, KY did the big God Pocket launch mentioned in The God Pocket book by Bruce Wilkinson.

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