During Tim Tebow's miraculous come-from-behind victory for the Denver Broncos last Sunday, he dropped to one knee for a moment of prayer.

Tebow's outspoken Christian faith is widely admired, scorned, and now imitated with a new internet craze called Tebowing.

A recent website, Tebowing.com  displays pictures of various people in random places, on one knee, heads bowed in prayer.

Pehaps this is is done in jest -- but I cannot think of a position more worthy of imitation!  It certainly beats Hawking or Mossing.


Keetha Broyles said…
Tim is on the front lines of persecution for faith. And yet he maintains his humble, gentle, Christlikeness.

I admire him greatly.

A.J. Hawk comes from a long line of WGM missionary "Hawks." Even if what he did was a joke, I can't help but wonder if his family is shaking their heads and wishing HIS gesture was much more like Tim's.

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