Thursday, October 27, 2011


During Tim Tebow's miraculous come-from-behind victory for the Denver Broncos last Sunday, he dropped to one knee for a moment of prayer.

Tebow's outspoken Christian faith is widely admired, scorned, and now imitated with a new internet craze called Tebowing.

A recent website,  displays pictures of various people in random places, on one knee, heads bowed in prayer.

Pehaps this is is done in jest -- but I cannot think of a position more worthy of imitation!  It certainly beats Hawking or Mossing.

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Keetha Broyles said...

Tim is on the front lines of persecution for faith. And yet he maintains his humble, gentle, Christlikeness.

I admire him greatly.

A.J. Hawk comes from a long line of WGM missionary "Hawks." Even if what he did was a joke, I can't help but wonder if his family is shaking their heads and wishing HIS gesture was much more like Tim's.