5 Things I'm Thankful For

My friend and colleague, Heath Davis, sent an e-mail to our church staff this morning asking us to list 5 things we're thankful for,  Here was my response, based off the beautiful Thanksgiving hymn, "For the Beauty of the Earth."

1) For the Beauty of the EarthAlthough Wes and I haven’t seen any deer in our forest sittings, we’ve really been overwhelmed by the grandeur of God’s creation.

2) For the Wonder of Each HourTime is fleeting, but I’m thankful for the moments – the special moments we pause to treasure, sitting in the Thanksgiving Chair.

3) For Thy Church – in worship (holy hands above) and service (pure sacrifice of love).
I am so thankful for our church, and the outstanding leaders who serve with me.

4) For the Joy of Human Love – brother, sister, parent, child.
I am thankful for my beautiful family, and am looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with them. We will miss Luke dearly – but I’m thankful for Skype!

5) For Thyself – Best Gift Divine.God has been my source of strength and comfort. I find that fellowship with Him is sweeter as the years go by. In my daily quiet time, He gives me the spiritual motivation and strength to face whatever comes throughout the day.


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