The Fourth Fisherman

I was pleasantly surprised to receive a complimentary advance copy of Joe Kissack's new book, The Fourth Fisherman, the other day.  This work is a powerful blending of two tales -- one of three Mexican fishermen who survived nine months adrift at sea -- and that of the author himself, a Hollywood executive who found himself lost and floundering in life.

In this book, Kissack gives an account of his unraveling, and subsequent quest to find faith and purpose in life.  Eventually, following a mysterious inner nudge, he found his life intertwined with the fishermen.

At first glance, a high rolling television executive and three fishermen from Mexico have very little in common.  However, as the story unfolds, we find they have much more in common that one would suppose.

The second half of the book, detailing Kissack's adventures in Mexico is especially engaging.  A great read -- which will be released March 2012.

You can pre-order here.


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