How to Witness for Christ

W -- Witness with Humble Love

          You are called to be a witness, not a judge.

I -- Inquire with Good Questions.

          "Tell me, what are your spiritual beliefs?"
          "To you, who is Jesus?"

T --  Take the Common Ground

         Look for the things you have in common.  The Gospel flies best on the wings of relationship.  Find your point of agreement, looking for a connection rather than an argument.

N --  Negotiate the Terms

         Be honest and respectful.  If they don't want to have a spiritual conversation, respect them,  They are people, not projects.  nobody wants to be someone's project.

E  --  Explain your Testimony (Faith Story)

         Nobody can argue with your own personal experience. 

         You'll never experience this conversation: 

         "I felt such forgiveness, love and joy!"

          "No You didn't!"

S --  Stick to the Main Issues

         Don't get caught up in doctrinal debates and arguments over sideline stuff.  Keep the main thing the main thing.  What's the main thing?
  • Love
  • Brokenness
  • Redemption
  • All summed up in one word -- one person -- Jesus!
S --  Spirit Dependence is your Power!

          Go the direction the Holy Spirit nudges.  Follow His lead and He will take you to the people you re to bless and encourage.  Go with the flow!

(I adapted this from Shatter the Silence for a course I'm teaching on How to Share Your Faith.)


Dave Quinn said…
Really like that. Thanks for sharing it.

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