When You've Tried and Failed

When you feel you can't accomplish
what you once set out to do;
And you feel you are not abole
To press on and see it through;

When you've failed and tired of trying
And there's no use, so you think,
Struggling on beneath the burden,
When you've reached "Old Failure's" brink,

Take your burden to the Savior;
Put it in His hands, and say,
"I have tried, but failed completely,
Lored direct it in Your way.

What a wondrous transformation!
Such a glorious change takes place
When you follow Jesus' leadings,
Lifted up by loving grace.

Though we try, we are but mortals --
"'Tis impossible" we say.
Then comes Jesus to the rescue,
Showing us there is a way.

Just when we have gone our limit,
And the paths of failure trod,
Then we'll find that human failure
Does not mean defeat to God.
--  Ruth Shaw


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