He Giveth More Grace

Among the great promises, precious true,
Is this, all sufficient for me and for you.
Whatever you need, anytime, anyplace,
Just trust and remember, "He giveth more grace."

When grief thrusts you through with its cold piercing dart;
When friends pass you by, almost breaking your heart;
Just look through your tears for a glimpse of God's face.
And cling to the promise, "He giveth more grace."

When petty annoyances, problems and cares
Take up their abode in your mind unawares;
Go into your closet and earnestly pray --
"I need just a little more grace, Lord, today."

If burdens rest lightly and troubles seem few,
Or strike like a thunderbolt out of the blue,
Serene may you go, clinging close to His hand --
"He giveth more grace" as your need may demand.

--  Kathryn Blackburn Peck (Herald of Holiness)


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