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I've always considered philanthropy an activity reserved only for the rich and famous.  Laura Arrillaga-Anderson, in Giving 2.0, sees it differently.  "A philanthropist", she says, "is anyone who gives anything -- time, money, experience, skills, and networks -- in any amount to create a better world."

In other words, if you use what you have to make a positive difference, then you're a philanthropist, just like Bill and Melinda Gates!

The inclusion of volunteerism in the philanthropy category was a new concept for me -- but I see point.  Investing ourselves is the highest level of giving.  It is truly rewarding,a nd makes the greatest impact.

Investing our money to transform the world is also a worthwhile endeavor.

Giving 2.0 is a a comprehensive guide to assist donors in making wise decisions with their charitable funds.

Arrilaga-Anderson gives brilliant advice for making strategic charitable investments.  She provides practical advice on how to research and select the best transformational bang for your non-profit buck.

I especially appreciate her emphasis on including the whole family in the charitable endeavor.  She suggests establishing a special fund for this kind of giving, including the whole family in the donation decision.

As a pastor, I appreciated the author's recognition of tithing as a benchmark for generosity.

This book is packed with helpful hints for the novice donor as well as the seasoned philanthropist.  Each chapter concludes with a list of excellent tips  -- from enlisting in volunteer service to establishing foundations and donor advised funds.

The book includes a list of several thought provoking questions in the appendix to guide the donor to a more purposeful generosity plan.  This list, alone, is worth the price of the book.

I've never come across a better resource to assist people in transformational giving.  The accompanying website:  Giving2.com also provides tons of philanthropy resources.

(I was honored to be selected by the Giving 2.0 Team to receive a free copy of this book for review on this blog.)

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