Nearing Home

Billy Graham's final book, Nearing Home, is a road map for growing old.  After all, as the great Christian statesman declares, "Old age is not for sissies."

This mighty man of God has given us a wonderful gift by sharing this part of his life with us.  Standing at the peak of the mountain, he looks back, sees how far he has climbed, shares wisdom from the journey, and marvels at the glorious summit.

 As I turned the pages, I felt as if I was holding a precious treasure in my hands.

This book especially encourages those who are in life's final chapters, infusing hope and blessing into the difficulties common to aging.

The last chapter, on heaven, thrilled my soul, and made me want to be there! 

Senior saints will find tremendous blessing and spiritual help from these pages.  Young pastors will benefit from them as well.  It will help them understand and treat the older members of the congregation better.

(A complimentary copy was provided for review on this blog by the publisher.)


Akum said…
Great book review! Thanks for sharing.
naomi said…
I see it's available on Kindle, ipad, iphone, Android, Blackberry....but I don't see a large print edition! Is there one?

Looks like a great book--thanks for the post.

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