Yesterday, I received an e-mail from my friend Bill, sharing a snappy Country Gospel song, which really inspired me.

I also received a "spiritual journey" assignment from one of the ministerial students I teach. In her 17 page paper she shared many deep and personal experiences from her life. It was truly a dramatic story of redemption.

Somehow, by mistake, I replied to the ministerial student, when I thought I was responding to Bill.

My e-mail read: "I love it!! I’m going to link it to my blog – and see how we can fit this into a country gospel jam. Thanks Bill!"

The baffled ministerial student replied, "I'm glad you loved it, but I'm not sure I want my spiritual journey in a country gospel jam.  Who is Bill?  I don't remember any Bill in all those 17 pages."


Andrea Wittwer said…
goofy nut!
sometimes email and texting and Facebook are just a little to quick, right?
Joy Ziegler said…
Bah ha haha! That's awesome! :)]
Jeremy said…
HA! that's great! Would have loved to see the ministerial student's face while she was reading the email!
Dave B. said…
That's great! I've done similar before, and realized what I'd done as soon as I hit the "send" key. Then found myself wondering whether I could unplug the computer fast enough to keep it from sending! :-)

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