What Christmas Means to Me

The following poem was written by my 89 year old mother, Elsie Wilson.  Way to go Momma!!

What does Christmas mean to me?
Is it lots of gifts beneath the tree?
Is it lovely lights, which brightly glow?
Is it sending cards to all we know?
Is it rushing from store to store?
Shop till you drop and then some more?

Is it Santa Claus, with a load of toys?
Dolls for the girls and trucks for the boys?
Is it cooking and baking those good Christmas treats?
Is it just a time when the whole family meets?
No, none of these things mean Christmas to me.
There’s a far greater meaning than any of these.

God sent His Son, His Gift to the earth,
To be born in a manger, a lowly birth,
To die on a cross, God’s salvation plan,
This gift of salvation is offered to man.
This gift is given to all who believe,
Our sins are forgiven when we confess and receive.
This gift of salvation, so wonderful and free,
This is what Christmas means to me.


Anonymous said…
Wow, love this poem, your mom wrote that:) Love it.

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