Fret Not in 2012

At the launching of a brand new year
I banish care and doubt from here.
The Old we leave without at tear,
The New embrace without a fear!

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is mystery.
We must step boldly into 2012, unhindered by misgivings and undaunted by anxiety.

Certainly, we have plenty to worry about.

If we allow it, anxious care will slowly seep into the soul, and corrode the joy. It takes courage and work to fight against it.

We can worry about the state of the world -- terrorism, depleting natural resources, and global warming. We can worry about the economy -- unemployment, inflation and national debt.
We can worry about relationships -- unmet needs, unhealed hurts, and unfulfilled expectations.
We can worry about our job -- failure, frustration and friction.
We can worry about the end of the world -- after all the Mayan calendar ends this year.

As Barbara Holland observed, "Gloom, we always have with us, a rank and sturdy reed. But joy requires tending."

Yes, in the face of all these concerns, tend to the joy!

In the face of it all, God is alive and well! He understands the situation perfectly, and has it all under control. He is good on his Word, and never fails.

That's why the Bible, in Psalm 37:1, says, "Fret not"

As long as God is on the throne and your faith is still intact, then everything is going to be all right.

Walk by faith and night by sight. You can trust God to carry you through every tomorrow.

After all, as Corrie Ten Boom noted, "God has no problems, only plans!"


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