John Wesley's Treatment Plan

I really appreciated this post by John Meunier, Wesley's Treatment Plan for those who experience spiritual darkness and lose the comfort, love, joy and peace of being a Christian.


naomi said…
After Heath talked about the advent wreath on Christmas eve, I left with this image: if I'm the wreath, it's possible and maybe not that hard to surround myself with joy, peace, love, and hope...and with care, I can keep those fires lit. If one fire goes out (let's say hope) I may be able to rekindle it with joy. But if they all go out, where does the fire (light) come from? If the Christ candle at my center is there but not burning (and it would be easy for others not to notice, as long as the other candles are lit!), what do I do?
But if the flame of Jesus is always burning at my center, it can always rekindle the other 4. Food for thought.
Another thing I realized when he was talking was that in our church, the advent wreath isn't placed where everyone can see it. Sitting near the back, it wasn't visible to me. What was visible? musical instruments. Hmmmm.

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