Not Much History in Northampton

I know we're a couple of days into the New Year already, but figured this might be a good time to review Jonathan Edwards' Resolutions. 

I can't help but wonder if these resolutions made early in Edwards' life had something to do with how God used him so mightily in his later years

This past September, Cathy and I were privileged to visit Northampton, where Edwards served as pastor at the epicenter of The Great Awakening.  I've read many accounts of this amazing revival, and was excited to actually be in the place where it occurred! 

It was a sacred pilgrimage for me -- although a disappointment that none of the Northampton folks we encountered knew anything about this mighty work of God in their own backyard.

Checking in at the local hotel, I asked the clerk,  "Can you direct me to the historic district?"

The baffled young man replied, "You must be thinking of another place.  I've lived here all my life, and can assure you there's not much history in Northampton."


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