Understanding A Worldview

In my sermon this morning, I used This Insightful Graphic from The Truth Project.  It does a great job of showing how our theology is foundational for everything else in life.

I also mentioned that I would post the Four Big Questions that worldviews address:

1. Origin – where did we come from?
2.  Problem – what’s wrong with the world?
3.  Solution – how do we fix it?
4.  Purpose – why am I here?

I gave a homework assignment at church today--   to run run a favorite television program, music group, movie or book through the grid of these questions, seeking to discover the worldview of the person who created it.


naomi said…
Thanks for the link to the graphic! It really shows how everything is connected and why.
Cindy Cowell said…
I was very interested to see that the tv shows I ran through the "Big Four" all followed the same theme. Family, turns to family, for support, and to share love. I found that Comming from God, getting through life's trials, we can get and give love through the storm of trials and conflict. I could see that my foundation came from my study of the New testament and I found strength and peace with that knowledge being re-installed to my current mindset from the dusty recesses where it had gotten set aside. Thank you, and I look forward to this weeks message Pastor Mark! You are a blessing to so many!

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