The God I Never Knew

I recently received a complimentary review copy of The God I Never Knew: How Friendship with the Holy Spirit Can Change Your Life by Robert Morris, and found it to be an delightfully engaging text.

This book is, by far, the clearest explanation I've ever heard of Charismatic-Pentecostal theology/experience, and does a great job of shattering stereotypes.  For instance, "pentecostals are those groups whose women either wear too much makeup or none at all."

Morris celebrates the joy of the Spirit-filled life, while challenging the excess baggage that often comes with people who speak that kind of language.  He's definitely from the Charismatic camp, but isn't pushy or arrogant with it.  Instead, Morris presents a very balanced perspective, reminding me somewhat of Jack Hayford.

As a Wesleyan, I appreciate this book's emphasis on the richness of the Spirit filled life, and agree with more than 90% of it.  My differences are in the details, and I'd rather not quibble over them.  I'm in favor of anything that helps people love God more.   

A concerned mother approached me a while back.  "Pastor, I'm worried sick about my son."

"What's the issue?" I asked.

"He's joined a pentecostal church!  I'm afraid he's becoming a religious nut case!"

I replied, "I know a hundred mothers who would gladly trade places with you."

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