Serve in the Overflow of God's Love

A synopsis of my upcoming book from Wesleyan Publishing House:

Thirsty people are looking to the church for fountains of
life-giving water. Too often, they find leaky buckets instead.
Pastors, often running on empty themselves, are enticed
by the latest fad rather than seeking to serve in the power
of the Spirit. And thirsty people walk away empty,
convinced the church has nothing unique to offer.

Pastor Mark O. Wilson says it’s time for the church to rise
up in the power of the Holy Spirit to serve this present
age. In Filled Up, Poured Out, he challenges and inspires
fellow pastors to prepare their hearts to be filled with the
Holy Spirit, so that they can in turn pour out God’s
presence, promise, peace, and power on to their
congregations and communities.

Filled with personal, inspirational stories from Mark’s
experience with growing a thriving congregation in a
Wisconsin Northwoods town, this book will inspire you to
seek the replenishing waters of God’s Spirit and show you
the pathway to revival for your parched soul.

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Nellie Dee said…
Amen. I was reading about encouragement this morning and King Hezekiah sent out runners throughout Israel and Judah. (II Chron. 30) I draw a little box with the words Send the Runners. The box turned into a book shape which reminded me to pray about your book.

Let it be used mightily to encourage, to inspire, to comfort, to give confidence and fortitude. And from Acts 15:32: Let it strengthen the churches!

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