Called to Controversy

Some people live in black and white; others live in full color.  Moishe Rosen was a full color person -- and then some!

Recently I had the privilege of reading his biography,  Called to Controversy,  penned by his daughter, Ruth.

Over the years, I've appreciated the ministry of Jews for Jesus -- but occasionally felt like like Rosen was "over-the-top" in his evangelistic style and techniques.

This rare glimpse into Moishe's life, however, has shed new understanding and led to a fresh admiration for the man.  When one recognizes the huge adversities Moishe overcame, the exponetial reach and result of his ministry are nothing short of miraculous.  Only God could have done it!

Ruth Rosen presents the unvarnished Moishe -- warts and all.  She writes with respect, yet admits her father's weaknesses and shortcomings, especially when dealing with people and leadership.

My life has been enriched by reading this book.

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(A complimentary copy was provided to me by the publisher for review on this blog.)


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