Preaching Secrets of Charles Stanley

Television pastor, Charles Stanley, age 79, shared a few thoughts about preaching with the Christian Post:

  • Preach for impact, not to impress anybody
  • You can't be thinking about yourself and impacting another person's life
  • When preparing for sermons, think about the one thing you want listeners to walk away with
  • Spend time in prayer during preparation
  • Stanley chooses not to reveal what he'll preach on ahead of time to his congregation
  • Make sure everything you preach is clear so when you get to the conclusion, the listeners will be there with you
  • "On Sunday morning, I'm not nervous ... I can't wait to tell what God wants me to say."
  • Stanley preaches from an outline, not a manuscript and he does not memorize anything – "You have looked at it and looked at it and changed it ... by the time it's time to preach, I just have to glance at it. When time comes to deliver it, I'm full of it."
  • Every trial that comes, see it as coming from God and not the people involved – that way, you won't get bitter but see it is all for a purpose
  • "Every test, every trial, every heartache that's been significant, I can turn it over and see how God has turned it into good no matter what."
  • There have been very few times in Stanley's life where he has had to change his sermon on a Saturday afternoon
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