Six Ways Pastors Pray

As a pastor, I am called on to say a prayer several times each day.  My prayers, as Adolph Bedsole noted in Parson to Parson, can be summed up in the following categories:

1.  Ritualistic Praying:
This is saying prayers as a part of the pastoral function.  Prayers in worship services and other ministry settings.

2.  Routine Praying:
Prayers for meals.  The prayers spoken as a regular pattern of life.

3.  Official Praying:
Prayers at civic functions such as graduations, house blessings and ski races. 

4.  Emergency Praying:
At times of crisis and deep need -- an urgent calling upon the Lord.

5.  Praying on the Run:
Maintaining a spirit of prayer as you navigate the day's events and circumstances.

6.  Praying in the Closet (Praying Deep): 
Carving out extended time with the Lord to drink deeply from the spiritual well.

ALL pastors engage in the first four kinds of praying.  Many actively participate in #5 -- praying on the run.

The greatest lack is in the sixth category.  The failure to pray deeply results in shallow living and anemic ministry.


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