Empty Promises

I recently read a wonderful new book by Pete Wilson called Empty Promises:  The Truth About You, Your Desires and the Lies You're Believing.

In a direct, practical and compelling manner, Wilson takes on the false idols we set up in our hearts, where Jesus, alone should reign.

At first glance, when I noted that Wilson is writing about addictions, I thought he was referring to obvious ones:  alcohol, drugs, and pornography -- so thought I was safely out of range.

But then, he hammers the reader with a challenge to confront the more "respectable" addictions such as approval, achievement, power, money, religion and beauty.  Ouch!!  It's a good ouch, however.

Warning: the reader should wear steel toed shoes

This book would make a great small group Bible study, and is a valuable resource for those serious about growing in their faith.

(a complimentary copy was provided by the publisher for review on this blog.)


Nellie Dee said…
Ouch is right. Sounds like a good read. It's amazing how much renewal we are all in need of.

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