Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Empty Promises

I recently read a wonderful new book by Pete Wilson called Empty Promises:  The Truth About You, Your Desires and the Lies You're Believing.

In a direct, practical and compelling manner, Wilson takes on the false idols we set up in our hearts, where Jesus, alone should reign.

At first glance, when I noted that Wilson is writing about addictions, I thought he was referring to obvious ones:  alcohol, drugs, and pornography -- so thought I was safely out of range.

But then, he hammers the reader with a challenge to confront the more "respectable" addictions such as approval, achievement, power, money, religion and beauty.  Ouch!!  It's a good ouch, however.

Warning: the reader should wear steel toed shoes

This book would make a great small group Bible study, and is a valuable resource for those serious about growing in their faith.

(a complimentary copy was provided by the publisher for review on this blog.)

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Nellie Dee said...

Ouch is right. Sounds like a good read. It's amazing how much renewal we are all in need of.