Something Harder Than The Change Process

The process of change is most difficult and painful -- but, living with the results of NOT changing is even harder.


Tammie Swaney said…
Seeing the change needed and unwilling movement is even more frustrating. I'm finding people don't accept change if it's not their idea. Shoot me now! Your right, Mark. I pray the Lord keeps me open to change. When I stop changing, I stop growing. When I stop growing, I have died. Blessings to you. ~ Tammie
Tammie Swaney said…
Some only like change when it's their idea. Frustration is not moving when the Lord directs. When I don't change there is no growth. When I don't grow there is death. Praising God for change. ~ Tammie
Mark Wilson said…
Good thought Tammie. Thanks for the comments.

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