How to Respond to Negative Emotions

Every human being experiences negative emotions. That’s a part of what it means to be a person. We can’t help it. Bad feelings come to all of us.  We DO have a choice, however, in what we do with them when they come.

Some suppose that every negative emotion requires a negative reaction – but that is not the case. Through prayer, attitude adjustment, and self discipline, we can respond positively to negative feelings.

If you don’t decide, you’ll merely react – and the decision needs to come before you’re in a funk. One helpful practice I’ve used for many years is spiritual breathing. I imagine exhaling the negative stuff, and then inhale deeply with a positive replacement. It helps.

Today, I challenge you to choose responding rather than reacting:
When you’re frustrated with someone – choose kindness.
When you’re in a hurry – choose patience.
When you’re stressed out – choose peace.
When you’re angry – choose calmness.
When you’re frightened – choose courage.
When you’re anxious – choose faith.
When you’re discouraged – choose hope.
When you’re upset – choose serenity.
When you’re conflicted – choose harmony.
When you’re pressured – choose tranquility.
When you’re offended – choose forgiveness.
When you’re deprived -- choose gratitude.
When you’re confused – choose prayer.
When you’re overwhelmed – choose simplicity.
When you’re sad – choose joy.
When you’re in despair – choose life.


David Drury said…
Operative word: CHOOSE

PS : love the pic!
Nellie Dee said…
Good one, Pastor Mark. Priceless picture.

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