Mondays with my Old Pastor

As a part of my early morning quiet times the past couple of weeks, I read (a chapter per day) a delightful book, Mondays with My Old Pastor, by Jose' Luis Navajo.

This book is a narrative guide to pastoral replenishment and recalibration.  It relates the story of a 46 year old pastor in the throes of frustration and ministry burnout, who seeks advice from his elderly former pastor.

The old shepherd invites the younger pastor into a weekly mentoring relationship (every Monday), where he shares principles for healthy, vibrant long-haul ministry, spicing each principle with pithy quotes, and fascinating little stories that pack a punch.  The stories remind me of those told by my country preacher father, Andy Wilson.

The stories, alone, are worth the purchase of the book, and make good grist for sermon illustrations.

The principles are outstanding -- simple, yet profound:

Principle One:  Everything begins with loving God.

Principle Two:  Watch over and preserve the health of your family.

Principle Three:  Spend quality time with your Bible.

Principle Four:  You will either love those you serve, or you will stop serving them.

Principle Five:  You are valuable.

Principle Six:  Be willing to forgive.

Principle Seven:  Always stay grounded and level headed.

Principle Eight:  Make prayer a habit.

Principle Nine:  Laugh as much as you can and do it daily.

Principle Ten:  Greatness is knowing how to be humble.

Principle Eleven:  Respond faithfully to the One who has chosen you.

Principle Twelve:  Learn the tremendous value of trials and difficulties,.

Principle Thirteen:  Changes in the night?  Never!  Wait for morning to come.

Principle Fourteen:  Honesty is a highly prized value in heaven and earth.

Principle Fifteen:  Learn to form a team.

Mondays with My Old Pastor is a fabulous book in so many respects.  I highly recommend it to all who serve in vocational ministry.

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(a complimentary copy of this book was provided by the publisher for review on this blog.)


Great blog post. May get the book.
Anonymous said…
Good advice for anyone, not just pastors

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