Rest In Peace

A few days ago, Light From the Word used the following excerpt from my book, Filled Up, Poured Out: How God's Spirit Can Revive Your Passion and Purpose, as a devotional:

I have learned the secret of being content. . . . I can do all this through [Christ]. (Phil. 4:12-13)

A frazzled mother continually complained about her stress level. "I just need some peace and quiet!" she groaned. So, for Mother's Day, her daughter Jessica went to the florist shop and returned proudly carrying the perfect gift for her mother. The arrangement included a pink bow inscribed, "Rest in Peace."

Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola, in their groundbreaking book Jesus Manifesto, said, "Knowing Christ as your rest' and allowing Him to live His life through you is one of the most freeing things you can know as a Christian" They continue, "Resting in Christ doesn't mean being passive. It means allowing the Lord to do the heaving lifting."

My favorite Bible verse, Philippians 4:13, sums up what Paul called the "secret of being content": "I can do everything through him who gives me strength." The secret to contentment is indeed about dying—but to truly rest in peace, we must die to self and rest in Him.

Prayerfully seek the contentment that only God can give, by helping you die to yourself.


Dying to self is something we must do daily if we are to achieve contentment in God. Most times it seems difficult but that's why Christ lives in us--that we may die to self.

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