If You Go, They Will Come

Early in my ministry, I taped the following note to myself on my desk:  "If you go, they will come."

In other words, if I go out to where people live Monday through Saturday, I'm much more likely to see them at church on Sunday morning.

The view of the world is extremely limited from behind a desk.  Get out there and see the world from the other side.  (As a church grows, the increasing administrative responsibilities make this much more difficult - -though it is still essential for effective, transformational ministry.)

In yesterday's sermon, Andreas Schroeter, missionary to the LCO Reservation who is soon departing for his home in Germany challenged us to be both missional and incarnational.  Missional means "joining Jesus in his mission field" and incarnational means "sharing your life and their culture."

As my friend, Mike Engle recently noted, "The Gospels recorded 132 contacts Jesus had with people -- 6 were in the Temple -- 4 were in Synagogues -- 122 were with people in their daily walks of life."


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