In the Spin Zone

In light of last night's Vice-Presidential Debate, I thought this post by my friend, Eric Hambrock, was fitting:

Spin is the ability to take facts and twist them or “spin” them to make them seem to be in your favor. Now, you may say to yourself, “Self…isn’t that called lying?” The modern answer is “no”! You see it’s not lying because the truth didn’t change. We all know you can’t change the truth. We just change the presentation of the facts so it appears in our favor.

Read the rest of his insightful post here.

Frankly, I'm weary of the entire process.  My in-box is flooded each day with political propaganda sent to me by well-meaning parishioners.  I'm not quite sure what they expect me to do with their "alarming facts", but I refuse to be a pawn for either political party.  The Gospel should inform our politics, not the other way around.

We're not going to distribute political spin, cleverly disguised as "Informed Voter Guides, nor will we permit any campaign to place fliers on windshields in our parking lot.

Pretty much, everybody I know already has their own view on the election, and the commercials, debates, etc. aren't going to do much to sway them one way or the other.

For those still undecided, the best "No Spin" source of information is found at a bi-partisan organization committed to presenting the views of each candidate fairly.

I can hardly wait till November 7.


Nellie Dee said…
So true.

P.S. There's an ad for Mitt Romney on your blog.

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