Such Sweet Sorrow

Goodbye, Twinkies.
Goodbye, Suzie Q's
Goodbye, Ding Dongs
Goodbye, Ho Ho's
Parting is such sweet sorrow.


Keetha Broyles said…

Years ago at a family reunion, our family had a week long argument with Aunt Kitty and Uncle Dave about which were better - Hostess Ho Ho's or Little Debbie Swiss Miss Cakes.

The Broyles family was POSITIVE it was Little Debbie's - - - Ho Ho's were TOO dry.

The Kitty Klan swore by the Ho Ho's.

We had a "blind" taste test. We blindfolded Dustin, Pam's son, and had him taste unidentified samples.

He chose Little Debbie.

Aunt Kitty Klan were still unconvinced.

Today when our oldest Daughter (the one who went to India) saw the news of the demise of Hostess, she put a link to the web page on Jeany (Kitty Clan daughter #2) face book with the statement: See, the Broyles were RIGHT all along.

Fun times.

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