For Every Look at Self, Look Ten times to Christ

Recently, in my devotional reading, I stumbled upon The Hidden Life by18th Century Hungarian Presbyterian, Adolph Safir.  It is a deeply spiritual book, anchored in Scripture.

Here's a good quote I've been mulling, "For one look to self, take ten looks to Christ."  (Safir is actually quoting the Scottish clergyman, Robert Murray M'Cheyne.)

I appreciate this thought for two reasons:

1)  It reminds us that self-reflection is essential.  Transformation comes only by admitting the truth and we must to examine ourselves to find it.  John Fletcher's Heart Check Questions prove helpful in this regard.

2)  Yet, it also encourages us to keep Christ as the central focus point.  When we fix our eyes on Jesus, we won't sink in the murky depths of morbid introspection.

Look around -- be distressed.
Look within -- be depressed.
Look to Jesus -- be at rest.


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