You Can Win Over Fear

Fear can really do a number on us emotionally. It hinders our hopes,
cripples our character and destroys our dreams. I recently read that anxiety
(fear) is most common mental health problem for women. For men it ranks
second -- right behind alcohol related issues. (I guess that means guys
drink booze in order to mask their fears.)

Researchers have discovered that one out of nine Americans has a
debilitating phobia. If we don't deal with fear in a healthy way, it takes
over like a cancer of the soul.

Lloyd C. Douglas said, "If a man harbors any sort of fear, it percolates
through all his thinking, damages his personality, makes him a landlord to a

Whatever you fear has power over you! You must face it if you wish to master
it. As Frank Tyger stated, "Fear fades when facts are faced." We can quickly
spot the "anxiety disease" in others. It's much more difficult for us to see
it in ourselves.

Do you know the difference between realistic and unrealistic fears? My
fears are realistic -- yours are the unrealistic ones!

When dealing with a tough situation, here are four important points to

1. If you ignore a problem, it gets bigger.
Deal with the issue directly instead of attempting to hide from it. If you
run from a difficult situation, it will chase after you.

2. Fear is a magnifying glass -- it makes things appear worse than they are.
"Over most men hangs the sword of Damocles. They have fallen into the
psychological trap of creating their own problems by trying to solve them,
worrying because of worry, being afraid of fear." -- U.S. Anderson

3. Not all problems are problems. Some are merely facts of life.
The difference? You can do something about a true problem. If you can't do
anything about it, you have a fact of life. Problems can be tackled. Facts
of life must be accepted.

4. The best growth occurs during the hard times.
God uses the hard times to grow you. If you don't get bitter, you will get better!


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