A Matter of Trust

I recently had the opportunity to read A Matter of Trust, a fascinating crime mystery written by Lisa Wiehl and April Henry.  This book is a page turner, featuring newly widowed, Mia Quinn, who is forced to return to work as a prosecuting attorney, following her husband's sudden accidental death.

 Almost immediately, she finds herself neck-deep in detective work,  investigating the murder of her colleague and trusted friend, Colleen, as well as the tragic suicide of a bullied teenager.

While unraveling these mysteries, she also is forced to navigate a perplexing personal life.   As a single mom, Mia experiences a teenage son who shuts her out, a daughter's terrifying episodes at night, a demanding, politically ambitious boss, an annoying investigative partner, enormous financial stress caused by her late husband's secrets, and an estranged father who "gets religion" and re-enters her life.

Wiehl's writing reminds me somewhat of John Grisham and Harlan Coban, with an inspiring (but not overt) twist of faith.  A Matter of Trust is a good, wholesome read, with a fascinating plot, interesting characters, spine tingling action and a surprise ending.

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(I received a complimentary copy of the e-book from Booksneeze for review on this blog, and was not required to write a favorable review.)


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