Feed the Goose!

A while back, I awoke in the middle of the night with an  inspiring thought racing through my mind.

"Honey, wake up!" I said, "I just had a marvelous thought!

""Hmmnn? Whuzzat? Marvelous thought?", Cathy mumbled.

"Do you want to hear it?" I asked eagerly.

"Sure, might as well, now that I'm awake." said Cathy.

"Feed the Goose! We've gotta Feed the Goose!"

"What?? You woke me up from good sleep for that? What do you mean -- feed the goose?"

"I don't know, but it's a wonderful thought!" I beamed.

"Go back to sleep," said Cathy.

But my mind kept racing. . .

Feed the goose. Feed the goose. What in the world does that mean?

Then the light clicked on in my little brain -- aha! If you have a goose that lays golden eggs, your most important job is to feed the goose.

Don't get so busy gathering the eggs that you forget to take care of the one laying them!

What is your mission in life? What are you wired to do? That's your goose!

Consider the condition of your soul. That's your goose!

Think of a relationship you need to nurture more tenderly. That's your goose.

What brings out your very best and helps you become the person you were created to be? That's your goose!

What is your sweet spot -- the source of greatest delight? That's your goose.

In a business, family, church, or community, what is your main priority? What activity brings the greatest desired result? That's your goose.

Too often, we're so busy running the farm that we forget to feed the goose.


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