Live for the Long Haul

 You were designed to live for the long haul!

 With that in mind, it's vital to keep the big picture in mind. Most of us get so caught up in the minutia of the moment, that we forget to look beyond our current circumstance.

 Most of today's pressure points aren't really that important in light of the bigger scheme of things.

 The next time you're worked up about something, ask this question, "Will it really matter ten years from now?"

That question will put things in perspective for you.

 A long haul life requires some long range thinking.

 What are you willing to sacrifice today for a greater gain tomorrow?
 What habits today will destroy your health and/or relationships tomorrow?
 If you continue in the same direction and at the same pace as you are going today, where will that lead you tomorrow?
 If your money management patterns today continue, what will your financial picture be tomorrow?
 What does your spiritual condition today say about your spiritual direction tomorrow?
 Are you content with where you are heading in your life?
 If not, what are you going to do to change things?

 Here's a wild idea: Think of something you really should be doing -- but you've just not gotten around to it.  Do it now! Start this week! Today! Right now is the first moment of the rest of your life.


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