Here, But Not Yet

Last week's May-day winter storm is something northwoods folks will remember (and brag about) for a very long time, though last I heard,  the weatherman joined Salman Rushdie in hiding for his life.

Where is spring? That's what I want to know! Everybody around town has been asking the same question, too.

This Sunday's Mother's Day, for heaven's sake. Last year, we were sunbathing. This year, we're still wearing long johns and tossing snow balls  (kids, don't throw one at your mother!)

Last year, the crocuses bloomed. This year, we feel like croaking as we shovel the bloomin' sidewalks. . . again.

Last year, we caught fish all day on opening weekend.  This year, we vicariously watched Pete Maina catch them on  t.v. instead.

The robins are going to need extensive therapy I'm afraid.  And just yesterday, I saw two Canadian geese flying south!  

Again I ask. . . where is spring?

And here's the answer: spring is here! Beneath the surface of the earth, she has already sprung! We just haven't seen the full evidence yet.

I guarantee you, though, before too long, she will arrive in full splendor.

In just a short while, our gray landscape will burst forth in reds, purples and, greens. The crusty snow will melt away under the sun's vernal gaze!

There will be a resurrection of nature, and the good folks of the northoods will emerge from their caverns once again into the great outdoors to bar-b-que, ride bikes, swim and play softball.

Yes, spring has begun, and is coming soon in fullness. Just wait. Just wait. You'll see.

Here -- but not here yet; in hopes of better days to come; that's how it is with spring this year -- and also the Kingdom of God.


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