The Difference Between Whiners and Winners

Whiners seldom win -- winners seldom whine.

Whiners look for "why it can't be done" -- winners look for ways to do it.

Whiners see the problems in every opportunity -- winners see the opportunities in every problem.

Whiners wonder why other people get all the breaks -- winners work hard to make the breaks happen.

Whiners see the glass as half empty -- winners see the glass as half full.

Whiners are primarily concerned about their own rights  -- winners are concerned about adding value to the team.

Whiners try to fix the blame -- winners try to fix the problem.

Whiners make excuses --  winners make progress.

Whiners continually struggle to get along with people -- winners continually strive to encourage people.

Whiners want to stay in the comfort zone -- winners want to get to the end zone.

Whiners see only one or two possible options to any given situation -- winners see see multiple options.

Whiners focus on "getting my way" -- winners focus on "getting things done."

Whiners play now and pay later -- winners pay now and play later.

Whiners take the path of least resistance -- winners resist the temptation to slack off.

Whiners make the worst of it -- winners make the most of it.

Whiners sink to the bottom -- winners rise to the top.


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