25 Ways to Start Living

My dear friend, O. J. Philpot, once shared the following 25 ways to start living.  I appreciated this thoughts, and pass them along to you hoping they will inspire you as they did me:

1.  Seek out a forgotten friend.
2.  Help mend a quarrel.
3.  Put new trust in someone you have had difficulty trusting before.
4.  Encourage someone younger than you.
5.  Gift a soft answer to someone who is harsh to you.
6.  Write someone a kind letter
7.  Share a special "treasure" with someone.
8.  Keep a promise you have made.
9.  Forgive an enemy, and let him/her know you have forgiven.
10.  Take time to do one of those important things you have been putting off.
11.  Take time to listen to someone's sorrows.
12.  Say "I am sorry" when you are wrong.
13.  Think of someone else instead of yourself.
14.  Show appreciation
15.  Be kind, gentle and thoughtful.
16.  Laugh.  Don't take yourself too seriously.
17.  Express your gratitude -- be thankful.
18.  Gladden the heart of a child.
19.  Go to church and worship God.
20.  Don't be cross with people.
21.  Let your love show.
22.  Sing, sing, sing.
23.  Examine yourself and the demands you make on others.
24.  Do something you know you should, but is extra hard to do.
25.  Do your best to move beyond yourself into loving service for others.


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