How to Make Good Decisions

Usually, it’s not too difficult to make a good decision. Most
decisions we make can be determined by plain old common sense.

The CEO of a major corporation once said, “95% of the decisions I make
could be made by any intelligent fifth grader. I’m paid the big bucks
for the other 5%.”

Of course, as we have seen lately in the news, some CEO’s are paid the
big bucks and make crummy decisions anyway! An intelligent fifth
grader understands values such as honesty, uprightness, and

Nevertheless, there are certain decisions in life that are not the
“slam dunk” variety. Sometimes, it’s really hard to know what to do.

When faced with a difficult decision, here are a few points to ponder:

Have you prayed about it? God can give you wisdom beyond your own for
this situation. Most people panic first and pray later, “God, get me
out of this mess!” It’s much better to pray first, and then you won’t
have to panic later!

What is the bottom, bottom line? When all else is said and done, what
is the single most important issue at stake in this decision?

What are all the possible courses of action? Often, people fall into
the trap of thinking there are only two options. Usually, there are at
least ten different ways to address a problem. List as many as you
can. Try for ten! Which item on the list seems to be the best path to
pursue first?

Do your heart, head and gut agree? If not, why not?

What are the pro’s and con’s of each course of action. What is the
most logical decision based on this? Do you have peace about that?

What do wise friends and counselors say? (Emphasis here is “wise” –
There are plenty of people who will toss out unwise advice. You don’t
need that kind of influence. Think of the person you most respect. How
would that person handle this situation?

Are your emotions clouding your decision making process? It’s very
difficult to make a good decision when you are angry, discouraged,
fatigued or afraid. Sometimes, it’s best to step back and for a fresh

When you've done the best you can, lie down and go to sleep. God is still awake.


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