You Say What You See

"What do you say?"

Parents often use this phrase to remind their children to say "Thank you."

We hope the practice of expressing thanks will  become ingrained in
our kids if we ask this question repeatedly.

Sometimes it works.  Sometimes it doesn't.

The longer I live, the more I'm convinced that "Thank you" is an
expression of the heart, not just the lips.  We can mouth the words,
but if the gratitude isn't deep within us, we have not properly
expressed thanks.

The secret to Thanksgiving is seeing things straight.  You say what you see.

If you see unfairness -- you speak words of protest.
If you see problems -- you will complain.
If you see shortcomings -- you will criticize.
If you see failure -- you will speak negative words.
If you see stupidity -- you will roll your eyes and judge.
If you see fearful outcomes -- you will fret out loud.

Yes, life is full of unfairness, problems, shortcomings, failures,
stupidity and fearful outcomes -- if you look for those things, you
will find them everywhere.

But look again.  There's something bigger and better than all those
things combined.  See it straight.

Look for blessings.
Look for beauty.
Look for good.
Look for inspiration.
Look for hope.
Look for God

You will find what you are looking for -- and when you see it
straight, you will say "Thank you."

So, what do you say?


Nellie Dee said…
I love this! I am going to have to re-post....

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